I'm sorry everyone, but I didn't had any other choice.

We were supposed to be team, at least that's what I always believed in,
perhaps that was very foolish of me. Let me explain everything here

How did Magician Development came to existence?

Before we start, I'm referencing TheCoder (or Unknown_Owl) under his original name, OhYeah55.

One day, it was either a pure luck or destiny, I met one guy.
Yes, I'm talking about OhYeah55.

I joined the Discord Server of his leak site where I was trying to get something and eventually got it from him .
For some unknown reason (that later became my fate) I asked if he was recruiting to staff on the leak site . Eventually I got in.

At that time, July 19th, 2019 - 5 days before Magician Development was created,
I was supposed to go on a vacation. Only because of this, I took my laptop with me.

I will leave the details about his leak site, they're not important anymore.

We started working on our new plugins, started with easy ones,
NoHungerLite & NoDamageLite.

These were really not popular, but at that time,
OhYeah55 didn't know any basics of Spigot API, I could almost say he did only know few basics of Java.
I was willing to learn him the basics so I did. It didn't take learn, he really learned fast.

Well after that, we created our first account - MagicDevelopment .
Yep. That was our first name.

We posted our first plugin there, but we got a stupid review, so OhYeah decided it would be best
if we deleted the resource, made the plugin better, work on the graphics and create a new account.

That's when we created MagicianDevTeam, the account you all know.

For the first days, we were coming along good, with plans to the future,
but most of all we were happy. I tried to do as much as I could on my vacation.

And I did. I designed the first graphics. Most of it is still at our website ,
it is still used today. The graphics for all our plugins and the logo was made by me.
It isn't the nicest, I did it on my laptop which sucked with Photoshop but
it was good enough (I did a remake on the graphics which looked a lot better but never used it at the end).

OhYeah decided to go under name Unknown_Owl, so we don't have problems because of his leaking site.
Everything went good for about a month, until we started a first fight.

Our first big fight

a.k.a how I ended his leak site

I'm saying big because it's normal when we fight about something little, at least he apologized and vice versa.

He didn't have money to run his leak site anymore, so he asked me if I couldn't run it
on my server and that I'll be the owner and shit like that.
I accepted, however I didn't really wanted. He was just pushing me into it.

Few days have passed, it was just running and I didn't do much.
Because I didn't like leaking I decided to just end it. So I created a landing page
saying that the leaking site is ending.

Of course he was mad, very mad, said how I'm gonna regret it, etc... (big talk)
Well that was some time ago, but we're past that. Since then, OhYeah changed.
Even though he said it's ok after some time, he was just rude from that point on.
Always said I fuck everything up, blah blah. I was very discouraged to do anything on
MD, but I still worked on many things, although slowly, becasuse OhYeah was just more rude.

How did it get to this point?

He started with how I'm lazy and stupid, desperately trying to get me out of the team. Many times he banned me and said that I'm out of the team, which wasn't actually true.

Even now, I actually didn't leave the team, he just banned me on the Discord.
Skipping many fights to current state.

OhYeah banned me and started ignoring me.
After some time, he decided to respond after I clarified many lies that he stated in an announcement he made on the Discord Server.
Well, it didn't go normally. I thought he's either gonna start normally communicating.

Instead he started saying that I'm an "anime kid" and that "Anime is for mentally disabled kids and autists, who call themselves otaku" (quote translated into English but meaning is the same) .
And of course, started telling lies about me . It was funny, because he was the one too lazy to use GitLab, that's why we don't have it anymore.
But he responded that he uses something different (and never told me what), and when I told him he was too lazy to tell me about it, he replied that it's a prove that I don't care.
What does that mean? How can I care about something I know nothing about? He continued with his crap, no comment .

Right now, he's gonna create his new team and continue Seasons Series. Even though he caused me many troubles, I still wish him & the team the best of luck.

Even so, just to clarify things.

His team isn't a continuation of Magician Development.

Magician Development will continue with it's current and many new projects, merged into Xiavic Development.
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