Seasons Lite

Our most famous plugin on Spigot!
It brings real life Seasons to the Minecraft!
There are also additional modules,
such as Food Module or Real Weight Module!
All together, it makes it a perfect Real Life in Minecraft!


Seasons Pro

This is an upgraded version of SeasonsLite.
It comes with all modules built into the plugin itself!
It gets updates more quickly than SeasonsLite.
For the price of 10 USD, it's an ideal purchase
for RPG, Survival


Interactive GDPR

Let players accept GDPR rules stated
by the European Union with ease by just
easily clicking in the chat! The player will not
be able to switch servers unless they accept GDPR,
so no data will be logged!


ChanceCommands Lite

You can execute commands with some chance.
This means that there is a chance in %
and if the player is lucky, the command will
execute. This is a great plugin for lotteries.


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